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EKA – Energi & Kylanalys increases its presence in Finland by opening EKA Finland!

EKA – Energi & Kylanalys has from its base in Sweden been active in many regions of the world over the years, particularly in Northern Europe. As a natural outcome, we have more recently also expanded our business and opened more offices. Therefore, we are happy to announce that we now also have subsidiary in Finland, and yes, it is called EKA Finland!

EKA Finland was formally established in 2022 and continues the work that we over the years have done on the Finnish market. The company is headed by our long-time colleague Cajus Grönqvist, who after working with us for more than five years in Sweden decided to move back to his home country and lead the EKA-journey from Helsinki.

Cajus Grönqvist

Thanks to our previous work in the region, EKA Finland will be able to continue its focus on solid ground. As an example, we redesigned the existing ice rink in Pirkkala in Mid-Southern Finland with a new refrigeration system based on CO2; the facility has since become one of the most energy-efficient and sustainable ice rinks in Finland including an example for the rest of the World!

EKA Finland will provide consultation and design that promote sustainable energy solutions and maximize the benefits for our clients in Finland, both environmentally and financially. More information can be found at our website, where we also maintain a blog in Finnish that may be of interest to anyone who likes sustainable energy solutions!

We hope to hear from you and look forward to be helping you achieve a more sustainable future!


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