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We  save energy in cooling and heating systems – From the first step to long-term operation

Our work consists of developing energy concepts for newly built or renovated ice rinks in order to optimize the facility or lower its operating costs. You can safely ask us to be at your service in each step of making your ice rink energy efficient.


Technology and energy inventory 

We make a visit onsite and perform a complete inventory of the facility in order to gain an understanding of its technical status. The end result of this step is a report which includes recommended measures to improve performance as well as cost estimations. 

Teknik- och energiinventering
Modern Beer Brewery


We investigate and analyze energy and refrigeration systems for purposes such as verification of performance or localization of errors. We have the necessary equipment and competence to measure most types of energy systems. Measurements are essential when evaluating the performance of a system function and also create a framework for improved cost control and energy efficiency.

Truck and Warehouse


We produce technical documentation that is used for the procurement process. We can also inspect bids and carry out energy calculations as well as life-cycle cost analyses in order to compare different alternatives from a long-term perspective. By the aid of this technical support additional factors beyond price can be weighed in, such as performance and lifespan which often affect operating cost and profitability significantly. 


Customer support during implementation

We provide customer support during the implementation of measures and can also be in direct contact with suppliers when necessary. This way customers can feel assured that their role is strengthened and that the best possible decisions are being made. 

Refrigerated Goods


An important part in the work of energy optimization is to continuously analyze and control the facility when it is in operation. When necessary, we can aid the customer at this lifelong step. Technical systems need continuous surveillance and supervision in order to be reliable. 

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