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Swedish Bandy Association visiting us!

Magnus Rostedt and Lars Wennerholm from the Swedish Bandy Federation visited us in our new premises to discuss technology and the federation's ambitions.

Lars Wennerholm, Magnus Rostedt and Jörgen Rogstam (EKA)

In another article, we mentioned how we had the opportunity to meet Magnus on another project where we collaborated to achieve success at Backavallen, Katrineholm. Among other things, we carried out the following:

  • Implementation of an ammonia cooling system and customized heat recovery using carbon dioxide as a refrigerant in the hockey arena, which was a Swedish first in 2006.

  • Dimensioning of heat recovery systems and heat pumps for the artificial turf field, along with a geothermal storage system for seasonal heat storage.

  • Evaluation, energy assessment, and future planning in 2017.

  • Design and dimensioning of expanded heat recovery with heat pumps in recent months.

We look forward to sharing more exciting news in the future regarding the Swedish Bandy Federation!

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