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"Projekt 21 - energy efficiency in ice rinks" the complete document is now available (SWE)!

The Swedish Ice Hockey Association is aware of the current situation in our world and its economic and environmental consequences. Therefore, it is important for them to contribute to a better environment while minimizing restrictions in the operation of Swedish ice rinks. To achieve this, the Swedish Ice Hockey Association has enlisted the help of EKA - Energi- & Kylanalys AB and Nima Maskin to develop 21 profitable energy-saving proposals in the project "Project 21 - energy efficiency in ice rinks". This work has also received financial support from the Swedish Sports Confederation (RF).

There are several ways to improve energy efficiency in ice rinks around Sweden, and these measures are presented in the publication. The proposals are based on surveys and recommendations from the Swedish Ice Hockey Association's Facilities Committee in collaboration with EKA. The goal of the project is to inspire efficiency in ice rinks throughout the country.

Download the document here (in Swedish) or visit the Swedish Ice Hockey Association's website.

Energieffektivisering Ishallar 2023 Final
Download PDF • 11.53MB


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