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Innovative Refrigeration for Nobelhallen: Collaboration between EKA and Kylmekano

NCC is renovating the Nobelhallen in Karlskoga and constructing a new swimming facility for the municipality. The project, a turnkey contract in collaboration, commenced its planning and design phase in the spring of 2023. The Nobelhallen will be modernized to serve as both an ice rink and for other events. The groundbreaking ceremony took place on June 5, 2024.

Det första spadtaget togs den 5 juni 2024.
Official start of the construction on June 5th 2024

At EKA, we are collaborating with Per Andersson from Kylmekano as the refrigeration consultant for the new cooling system in the Nobelhallen. We are responsible for detailed design, component selection, energy, and pressure drop calculations for cooling the ice surfaces in both the A-hall and B-hall, as well as providing cooling comfort for the premises and the new swimming facility. In addition to this, we are assisting in the integration of heat recovery into the HVAC systems and heat export to the swimming facility, contributing to an energy-efficient and sustainable solution.

The Nobelhallen in Karlskoga is the home arena for BIK Karlskoga, a team in the Hockey Allsvenskan league. The arena, inaugurated in 1971, has a capacity for approximately 5,600 spectators, making it one of the smaller arenas in the league. The Nobelhallen is named after Alfred Nobel, who spent a significant amount of time in Karlskoga and is also buried there. Despite its size, the Nobelhallen is renowned for its lively and passionate atmosphere during matches!

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