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EKA Presents at Zürich IIHF Workshop on Sustainable Ice Rinks

On March 28, 2023, EKA's CEO, Jörgen Rogstam, presented at the virtual workshop organized by the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) Facilities Committee. The workshop aimed to provide an overview of the ice arena specifics and related energy-saving potentials to the participants.

Jörgen Rogstam and Viesturs Koziols during the live broadcast from Zürich.

During the 2022 IIHF semi-annual congress in Belek, the IIHF introduced, presented, and distributed the "Quick energy-saving options for ice arenas." This document provides practical and easy-to-implement energy-saving measures for ice arenas.

In addition, the IIHF Facilities Committee, in collaboration with EKA and the IIHF Sustainability Committee, has been working on the next-generation guide called the "IIHF Sustainable Ice Rink Guide." This guide outlines energy-saving measures and retrofits for ice arenas and takes into consideration the unique aspects of ice rinks as compared to normal buildings. It provides a scientific and unbiased base to help select the measures for technical upgrades and retrofits to achieve the desired results.

Jörgen Rogstam emphasized the importance of energy efficiency in ice arenas and how it can lead to both sustainability and increased economic performance. He directed special attention to the main technical functions and provided ideas for successful implementation of energy-saving measures in the arenas with both short and long-term benefits.

The workshop was held in English and lasted for approximately two hours. It was attended by about 60 members and experts from the Facilities Committee and Sustainability Committee.

The IIHF Sustainable Ice Rink Guide is of utmost importance to all the IIHF's Member National Associations and stakeholders. By providing a scientific and unbiased base, it helps select the measures for technical upgrades and retrofits to achieve the desired results.

Jörgen Rogstam and Viesturs Koziols in front of IIHF's headquarters.

EKA is committed to sustainability and energy efficiency in all aspects of its work. The company's expertise in energy and cooling analysis makes it the perfect consultant for projects related to ice arenas and other energy-intensive facilities.

EKA's members would like to thank Luc Tardif - IIHF President, Viesturs Koziols - IIHF Facilities Committee Chairperson and Beate Grupp - IIHF Sustainability Committee for their trust and collaboration.

The full report is here !

Download IIHF Sustainable Ice Rink Guide here:

Download PDF • 3.08MB


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