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Eka Team's Sweden Get-Together: Work, Networking, and Team Fun

On November 15th, the Eka team had a special reunion in Sweden, blending work, networking, and team bonding for a memorable experience. The occasion was not just about hanging out but also a smart move to join KVP Dagen, a big event in the business world.

The day kicked off with a focused meeting at the office. The team shared updates on projects, talked strategy, and exchanged insights. We also made it a point to visit clients to see how their projects in Sweden were going. This not only strengthened our relationships but also gave us useful insights to improve our services.

The evening was a fun break, with the team playing "pétanque" to boost team spirit and create some memorable moments away from work.

Keeping the energy up, on November 16th, the Eka team actively took part in KVP Dagen. Our Managing Director, Jörgen Rogstam, led the charge, presenting our company and showcasing successful case studies - leading to a great exchange of ideas and valuable networking.

The event was like a hub of knowledge, giving our team fresh insights and making key connections in our industry. It was a valuable experience that broadened our understanding of market trends, innovations, and new opportunities.

To cap off the day, we had a well-deserved team dinner as a thank you for everyone's hard work, excellent performance, and Jörgen's impactful presentation.

In a nutshell, our trip to Sweden was about awesome teamwork, putting in the effort, learning new things, and brainstorming cool ideas. It helped us work even better together and got us pumped for more success in the future.

Stay tuned for more!

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