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Cut your ice rink energy costs in half!

We use natural refrigerants, heat recovery and other state-of-the-art solutions to substantially reduce your energy spending and help you meet sustainability targets. 


Reduce your energy spending by up to 50%.


Switch to natural refrigerants today 

Perfect Climate

Forget about moisture issues, prolong the lifespan of your ice rink.

Premium ice quality

Achieve shorter ice recovery time and less snow.

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We offer

In-depth ice rink energy system assessment with clear improvement scenarios

Design of new refrigeration and HVAC systems or optimisation of existing ones

Innovative solutions for better ice quality and indoor climate

Contractor assessment, design supervision and support during the implementation stage

Long-term support after all systems are installed and in operation 

Cost-efficient sustainability experts

We are a Scandinavian company with more than 10 years of experience in refrigeration, heating and heat recovery systems. We support ice rinks and other applications by improving existing energy systems to achieve significant savings and designing cost-efficient and sustainable systems for the future.

All-encompassing approach

It is crucially important for us that our solutions are implemented to their full potential, and that is why we offer our clients guidance at every step through their projects.


Our work begins with a detailed audit of your ice rink refrigeration and HVAC system. We propose the most efficient solution to help you to reduce your energy usage by from 30% to 50% percent – and in some cases even more.


We help you to make an informed choice by explaining the benefits of different approaches.


We design a new energy system for your ice rink from scratch or develop a detailed optimisation project for the existing one.


It is in our best interest to make sure that our designs are executed flawlessly. We provide unbiased contractor assessment and design supervision during the construction process. 


We stay in contact with you after our solution has been implemented and are ready to provide follow-up consultations.

​We are flexible and always respect our clients' wishes. Whether you decide to use our services at all stages or prefer a more selective approach, we will stick to the model of cooperation that is most convenient for you. 

More benefits

Our all-encompassing solutions are not only designed to reduce your energy costs. Here are some of the extra benefits that our solutions can bring to your facility: 

Perfect climate
Our systems are designed to maintain a perfect indoor climate, ensuring a lower moisture level and longer lifespan for the building. This means complete elimination of any fog in the arena room or condensation on the protective glass. 

Optimal ice quality
Maintaining optimum ice quality is challenging but controlling the arena climate and air velocities together with ice temperature control gives the best possible conditions. 
Our refrigeration and HVAC designs, as well as proposed resurfacing procedures, also ensure that less “snow” is produced from the contact of the ice surface with the skate blades. This means faster skating and better performance on the ice.

Shorter ice recovery time
Premium ice quality and controlled climate mean a shorter ice recovery time. Minimising recovery time after resurfacing the ice improves athletes’ experience and allows more efficient time utilisation. 

Automation, monitoring and predictive maintenance
A well-designed control and monitoring system allows users to apply predictive maintenance, which reduces the need for regular servicing. All the important process parameters are monitored and presented to optimise the operation. 

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Interested in what we can do for your ice arena?

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General information about your ice rink

55% reduction in energy consumption

In 2018, Eksjö municipality in Sweden decided to replace the almost 20-year-old cooling system at the Storegårdshallen rink. Based on our design and under our supervision, a direct CO2 cooling system with heat recovery function was installed, producing one of the most energy-efficient ice rinks in the world. The renovation saw total energy consumption fall from 900 MWh to below 400 MWh per year, which represents a reduction of over 55%. Electricity and heating costs decreased by 29% and 87%, respectively.


Making the Olympics more sustainable

The National Speed Skating Oval in Beijing was first planned with traditional technology: HFC refrigerant and glycol. But after the previous Winter Games, in South Korea, received sharp criticism for bad environmental decisions, a choice was made in favor of carbon dioxide. With our expert assistance, the arena was given a direct CO2 system and a high-performing heat recovery function.  

Unconventional innovations

In 2018, EKA designed new air-handling systems for the 6200-spectator Scaniarinken ice arena in Södertälje, Sweden. The system consists of air distribution rings of textile ducting connected to the air handling units. The units are capacity-controlled based on the air temperature and CO2 concentration inside the arena. This technical solution allowed  for a substantial reduction in temperature difference between the bottom and top rows of the spectator stands. Thanks to the controlled distribution of air, the vertical temperature difference was reduced from 8 K to just 2 K, significantly improving building user comfort.

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