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Umeå Arena – New refrigeration system

Umeå kommun



Facility type:
Event C ice rink

Work category:
Design, Ammonia-water, CO2, Heat recovery, Refrigeration, Sec. refrigerant

Umeå Arena has two ice sheets: one located in a 5800-spectator capacity arena (heated to 15°C) and the other one in a training hall. Before the renovation, the cooling demands were covered by an indirect ammonia refrigeration system providing its 600kW cooling capacity through a calcium chloride circuit. A heat recovery function also existed: a heat pump on the coolant circuit which covered a part of the heating demand. In 2017 a CO2 indirect refrigeration unit replaced the ammonia one, and aqua ammonia replaced calcium chloride as the secondary refrigerant. The system is equipped with a two stage heat recovery function, from which e.g. a new sorption dehumidifier benefits by applying recovered heat.

The CO2 refrigeration/heat recovery system fulfills 80-90% of the arena heat demand. The facility has reduced its energy consumption by 22%.

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