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Mer bad för pengarna!

Jörgen Rogstam recently had the opportunity to participate in an informative conference on energy savings in swimming pools. The event, organized by the County Administrative Board of Västmanland County, took place on September 7th at Köping's Swimming Pool and offered insights and cost-saving measures to streamline the operation of swimming pools.

Bilder: Zandra Camber

While high electricity prices demand that municipal facilities requiring significant amounts of energy find ways to reduce their energy costs, swimming pools are particularly energy-intensive. Jörgen was one of the many participants who gathered to learn about practical strategies for energy savings in swimming pool environments. During the conference, experts shared their insights, and Jörgen gave a presentation titled 'Where is the major energy consumption in a swimming pool? What measures can be taken in a swimming pool to reduce energy needs?' He provided valuable insights and advice on how to optimize energy usage in swimming pools.

The conference also featured interesting presentations from Johan Sundqvist from the Swedish Swimming Federation, Johan Wansulin from Eskilstuna Municipal Properties, and Ronny Greus from Filipstad Municipality, who shared their own successful examples of operating swimming pools. The participants concluded the day with a tour of Köping's swimming pool and enjoyed a closing coffee break where they could exchange ideas and discuss the day's lessons.

For those interested in taking part in presentations and materials from the conference, Jörgens presentation (in Swedish) is available for download:

Mer bad för pengarna Köping 07SEP23
Download • 5.41MB


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