Telge Fastigheter



Facility type:
Event B ice rink

Work category:
Technology and energy inventory, design , air handling

EKA helped designing the new dehumidification and ventilation system of Scaniarinken, Södertälje.

The aim was both to improve the energy efficiency and comfort. In the past an 8 Kelvin temperature difference was felt between the bottom and the top of the spectators stands. It has been decreased to less than 2 Kelvin difference thanks to two rings of textile ducting – the so called “strumpor” socks in Swedish – dedicated to the 30 m3/s ventilation distribution. Respectively connected to two air handing units controlled by temperature and CO2 concentration. Those two rings placed on the outer side fulfill their function by blowing warm air only over the public and not adding heat load on the ice sheet – thanks in particular to nozzles on their side.

The dehumidification function is assured by an independent third ring fabric air sock, placed closer to the ice rink to blow dry air over it. The process air is then sucked from the resurfacer exit corridor. Two new heat regenerated sorption dehumidifiers are used for that job and are obviously designed to be connected on heat recovery in the future.