Hällevi ishall

Hällefors kommun



Facility type:
Spectator C ice rink

Work category:
Design, Air handling, Ammonia-water, CO2, Heat export, Heat recovery, Refrigeration, Sec. refrigerant

hällevi energy before after

Hällevi ishall is an average sized ice rink, which used to have an ammonia system covering the cooling demand in the heated arena (8°C). In 2014 the rink floor was replaced by a new one with new piping for the secondary refrigeration system, based on aqua ammonia. In 2017 the old ammonia compressors were replaced by a new CO2 indirect system that was connected to the existing aqua ammonia circuit and equipped with a state of the art two stage heat recovery function that the new sorption dehumidifier can benefit for reactivation – resulting in 18% energy savings the first year.