A small company with a big passion

We gladly welcome you to contact us whenever you need professional help to make your ice rink energy efficient.

EKA, Energi & Kylanalys AB, is a small company with a big passion. We who work here are genuinely interested in energy efficient ice rinks and therefore have acquired a broad competence from different projects and types of facilities. We participate actively in industry networks and also strive to be the link between academia and industry, mainly by supervising students and through cooperation in different research projects. From us you will get personal dedication as well as professional delivery.

Staff at EKA

Jörgen Rogstam

Managing director / Project leader

+46 (0)76 858 15 45

Swedish, English, German

Simon Bolteau

Project engineer

+46 (0)76 100 44 73

Swedish, English, French

Cajus Grönqvist

Project engineer

+46 (0)72 721 80 87

Swedish, English, Finnish, Spanish

Juris Pomerancevs

Project engineer

+46 (0)73 870 65 69

English, Latvian, Russian